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From the time Trayvon Martin’s murder went viral on the Internet and on national news, Joe Oliver, a self-proclaimed friend of neighborhood-watchman-gone-wrong George Zimmerman and a former “CNN Weekend” anchor, has been popping up on newscasts across the country, defending Zimmerman against racism as if his life depends on it. On Lawrence O’Donnell‘s “Last Word” Tuesday night, though, the New York Times’ Charles Blow and the Washington Post’s Jon Capehart, exposed Oliver for what he really is: a fraud.

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On the “Last Word,” Oliver struggles to recall whether he had ever been alone with Zimmerman, if his “friendship” with Zimmerman ever extended beyond social spheres, and says he never knew about Zimmerman’s 2005 arrest, when Zimmerman assaulted someone. What’s most disturbing, though, is Oliver’s assertion that he knows — more than Trayvon’s mother — that the screams on the 911 tape, are indeed, Zimmerman’s.

Unbelievably, Oliver claims that he is able to identify the screams as Zimmerman’s even though he has problems fully asserting that he had ever heard Zimmerman raise his voice throughout their alleged relationship. Clearly frustrated and undone, Oliver begins to deflect the incessant questioning by saying he knew that the Trayvon Martin murder was not a racial incident because he had an “instinctual feeling” and “a good feeling” that told him otherwise.

Most unsettling, though, is Oliver’s final statement near the end of the clip:

“We know that if we weren’t here talking about George shooting Trayvon, we’d be talking about Trayvon shooting George.”

Did Oliver really just say that?

How much money could somebody pay you to have that come out of your mouth? Clearly, he doesn’t have a soul.

Watch the interview below:

After grilling Oliver on his faulty reasoning about Zimmerman calling Martin a “f*cking goon” rather than a “f*cking coon,” O’Donnell says:

“Joe, we have to go, but you don’t even have a consistent story. First, you tell us you don’t know what his mistakes were, then you tell us he grew from them, then you tell us you are not sure he did anger management, then you are pretty sure he did anger management, then you don’t know about the arrest, then you don’t know if his current wife knew about his previous fiance’s violent complaints against him and the injunction against him.

“There is so much you don’t know, and you want America, you go to national television like this, CNN, and all the others, and say to America, ‘Believe me, I can vouch for the man who shot and killed Trayvon, because, I, Joe Oliver, have a completely inexplicable and unjustifiable gut feeling. Joe, this is not good enough for America.

Watch the rest of the outing here:

So there you have it folks! A charlatan, a quack has been exposed for the fraud that he is. Yet, there remains more questions that are unanswered: Who is funding Joe Oliver? Where is George Zimmerman? Who is protecting George Zimmerman?  And why?

This case seems to go much deeper than meets the eye.


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