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Desmond Hatchett, 29, has almost two dozen children by 11 different women, unfortunately his minimum wage job doesn’t allow him to take care of them all, reports Tampa Bay News.

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His 21 children range in age from newborn to 11 and Hatchett holds court as the biggest deadbeat at the Knox County Juvenile Child Support Court in Tennessee.

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According to Tampa Bay News, the state of Tennessee can’t stop him from pro-creating, but they can make sure that he stays in jail — or court — unless he pays the mothers. Friday, Hatchett appeared 11 times to settle with about 15 of children, with nothing but a $400 check. He waited behind bars while a “child support referee” decided how to split the check between the women.

By the time his check is garnished monthly, some of the mothers get only $1.98 a month.

According to data from a 2009 Census report (the last date that statistics are available), “About half (46.8 percent) of parents owed child support in 2007 received the full amount, while nearly one-third (29.5 percent) received only a portion of the total due and about one-quarter (23.7 percent) received none of the child support they were owed.”

Of this number, Black children receiving TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), through their custodial parents was dramatically higher than other ethnic groups:  “Among white, non-Hispanic children in families, 22.4 percent lived with a custodial parent. The proportion of Black children in families with a custodial parent was 48.2 percent. Among children of other races, including American Indians and Alaska Natives, and Asians and Pacific Islanders, 16.1 percent lived in a custodial-parent family. Approximately one-quarter (25.4 percent) of Hispanic children lived with a custodial parent.”

Interestingly enough, though the number of Black children is higher than other children, the ethnic group of the mothers do not reflect that data. Most of the mothers are White (50.2 percent), while only 27.8 percent are Black. Hispanic women count for 18.0 percent of mothers receiving child support. Custodial fathers were more likely to be white, non-Hispanic (71.6 percent), with 11.4 percent being Black, and 12.1 percent being Hispanic.

The above video was unearthed by Dr. Boyce Watkins at Your Black World in efforts to expose the irresponsibility that is devastating the Black community and, unfortunately, a mere cursory glance shows that Hatchett is far from alone.

Word to the wise, men: Wrap. It. Up.