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houston summersSinger Houston Summers (pictured) who made sweeping headlines back in 2005, after suffering an emotional breakdown and gouging his left eye out with a plastic fork, was arrested by the Los Angeles police for driving under the influence of drugs, reports TMZ.

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The LAPD pulled Summers over, after they saw him driving erratically in an SUV.  When officers approached the vehicle, the smell of marijuana allegedly wafted out of the car.  As the patrolmen tried to question the former artist, they said Summers spoke in an incoherent manner, so they cuffed him.

Watch video of the incident here:

Summers, 28, is a West Coast gangsta rapper who once admitted to Hood News that the pressures of his career got the best of him after his recording “I Like That,” which also featured rappers Chingy and the late-Nate Dogg, went gold.

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When his career skyrocketed, Summers (pictured left before he gouged his eye out) attempted suicide by trying to jump out of a window, and luckily some friends grabbed him in time.  When his entourage members locked Summers in a room so that the drugs he was reportedly on could wear off, though, Summers found a plastic fork and gouged out his left eye.

Following the tragic incident, Summers was placed in a mental health facility for one year, where he was observed and treated.

Over the last few years, Summers has tried to make a comeback.  A few years ago, the young artist was interviewed by Hood News, and at the time, he was passionate about his campaign, Stop the Sodomy and Gang Rape in Prison, that he had started.  Summers seemed obsessed by the fact that sodomy is an everyday occurrence in prisons and that the crime seems to go unpunished.  He urged all homies to not give up their manhood when imprisoned because that is all they have left at the end of the day.

Reportedly, Summers is working on a new album and documentary.


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