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A new registry compiled by two major universities reveals that more than 2,000 prisoners were incorrectly imprisoned for serious crimes since 1989. After perusing the registry, it has been uncovered that more than half of the newly exonerated prisoners were African American, according to Newser.

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The University of Michigan Law School and Northwestern University School of Law worked in tandem to compile the data and found that 5 out of 10 falsely accused defendants were Black and 9 out of 10 were male. Before now, there was no official record-keeping arm or prisoner exonerations and the schools say this is the most-complete listing ever created.

DNA evidence seemed to be the thread that unbound the prisoners from their premature fates, with many of the arrested charged with homicides and sex crimes. Two-thirds of the exonerations came by way of DNA testing and nearly one-third of the 416 false homicide convictions were exposed due to genetic testing.

See the full registry here.

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