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Lorna Hampton was tased by a Subway eatery employee while trying to steal money from the establishment’s cash register, the Daily Mail reports.


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The entire encounter was caught on the eatery’s video surveillance camera. It shows Hampton hoping over the counter and immediately taking money from the cash register. Her two children were waiting in a car outside. Seconds later, an employee appears at the lower left side of the video. He pointed the Taser at Hampton and fired. The shock stiffened Hampton and she fell hard to the floor.

WATCH Mother Of Two Get Tased Trying To Rob Subway Eatery

The Daily Mail has more:

The employee left the Taser prongs attached to the 25-year-old in case she tried to get up. While the employee and his co-worker waited for police to arrive, they say the incapacitated woman was still trying to rob the eatery.

‘She was still trying to get up and she was still reaching for the money,’ said the employee.

The quick-thinking Subway clerk said he felt bad for the would-be robber, who was weeping and begging him to let her go for the sake of her children.

Officers who arrived on the scene found Hampton’s two-year-old and five-year-old still in the car. The children were later released to a family member.

Hampton has been charged with two counts of child endangerment and robbery with a firearm. Her bond has been set at more than $200,000.

Given the bad turn of events, she may have been better off asking for a job application instead.