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Former NFL star Deion Sanders (pictured right) and producer Tracey Edmonds (pictured) confirmed that they will be collaborating on a reality series that will center on his fractured relationship with estranged wife Pilar, reports Uptown Magazine.

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For the past few months there have been romance rumors swirling around the productive pair. Only recently, Sanders was peeped accompanying Edmonds to the 35th pastorial anniversary gala in Dallas of mega-church minister T.D. Jakes.

Sanders is in the throes of a nasty divorce from Pilar.  The couple’s 12-year marriage spiraled into a hellish feud with allegations of cheating on both parts, physical abuse, and nasty verbal threats.

Only last month, Pilar was placed behind bars for domestic violence, after allegedly attacking Sanders in their Texas home in April.  The former reality TV star was booked for “assault family violence,” which is a misdemeanor, and was eventually released from police custody but banned from returning to their sprawling 30,000-square-foot Texas mansion.

Sanders previously agreed to work with Edmonds on an NFL film project about his coaching of the football team at Prime Academy, his Texas charter school, but there’s been no further word about this undertaking.

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