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Jackson Memorial Hospital has released two pictures of Ronald Poppo, 65, to the public. Poppo, the victim of 31-year-old Rudy Eugene‘s vicious cannibal attack in Miami last month, is recovering well after 3 surgeries but battling infection, said plastic surgeon Dr. Wrood Kassira.

While the lower half of Poppo’s face is intact, approximately 50 percent is missing, reports the Huffington Post.

“We have mental health professionals to help him with the coping, and he’s coping remarkably well,” said Kassira, a member of Poppo’s trauma team. “He will need multiple surgeries in the future for reconstruction,” the doctor continued.  Revealing that the consistently homeless man also suffered from a brain injury and puncture wounds to the chest, he marveled at his resilience:  “The guy has got to be a survivor.”


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As previously reported by NewsOne, Eugene had to be shot at least six times before he stopped eating Poppo’s face. It was so horrific, they bystanders likened it to a zombie attack.

See Ronald Poppo’s miraculous recovery below:

“The guy just stood, his head up like that, with pieces of flesh in his mouth,” says the witness. “And he growled.”

According to the autopsy report, though, Eugene chewed but he didn’t swallow:

Eugene had no human flesh in his stomach jibes with the crime-scene investigation, which found chunks of Poppo’s flesh on the ground, as if they had been spit out. The autopsy also revealed human flesh lodged between the teeth of Eugene, who did not have his two top front teeth, the law enforcement source said. Eugene is known to have lost his two front teeth in an accident as a child.

Poppo, who the staff calls “charming,” remains in good spirits. According to the Jackson Health Center twitter page, he also had a message for everyone:

“Go Heat!”


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