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A Florida mother distraught by not being able to provide for her teenaged son attempted to kill her child via a knife and baseball attack. Thankfully, a witness intervened just in time and perhaps saved the boy’s life, reports the Sun-Sentinel.

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The city of Lauderhill, just west of Fort Lauderdale, found itself unwillingly on the map after 50-year-old Sheronda Hall Roselva (pictured) was arrested over the weekend for aggravated child abuse; Roselva was ordered held on Monday on a $50,000 bond.

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Around noon on Sunday (September 9), police responded to an emergency call from a man who witnessed the incident. James Burroughs, 68, was outside performing maintenance work nearby when he saw Roselva with a knife and object in her hand.

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“She told me herself to call 911,” said Burroughs. “I guess I was there at the right time.

According to a police investigation, the teen said in an interview that he was sleeping in his bedroom when around 11:30 a.m., his mother burst into his room and began attacking him with a bat saying, “I have to kill you.”

The teenager fought off his mother and ran outside when Burroughs saw Roselva approaching with the weapons in her hands. According to police reports, Roselva immediately explained her actions. “I wanted to kill my son because I cannot take care of him, and I don’t want him to suffer,” said police on the scene.

Roselva is unemployed and was ordered by Broward Circuit Judge John Hurley held and said that if she is able to post bond, she will be monitored by GPS and will have no further contact with her son.

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