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Reading like an anti-drug PSA, a bizarre story in Kansas City, Mo., unfolded over the weekend and city police are still left scratching their heads over the details, reports local station Fox 4 News.

Last Saturday, around 2 p.m. near I-70 highway and Blue Ridge Cutoff, a man who appeared to be injured was being assisted by a handful of people. Suddenly, the man got up from the ground and tried to take a baby sitting in a car seat from one of the passer-bys that stopped to help him.

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“He was just trying to grab her out of the backseat and I got out and grabbed him and told him let go of my daughter and he wouldn’t let go,” said father Matthew Nicotra.

Further investigation revealed that Andre Bowman (Pictured), 30, recently lost his own 18-month-old daughter Ada in August in a mysterious and unfortunate case involving the mother, Gina Salazar, and her current boyfriend Bryant Sykes. Sykes would later confess to police that he tossed the toddler onto a bed but that other injuries found on the girl’s body were due to other domestic incidents.

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Just two weeks ago, Bowman opened up about the loss of his daughter and seemed poised to step up and be in the lives of his remaining children.

“It affected me because all of my kids were real close, and I know right now, they are thinking about their sister,” Bowman said in August. “For a while I had to disappear out of their life. I don’t want them to be confused anymore. I want them to know who their daddy is and to be with me.”

Friends say Bowman may have been distraught and the baby he tried to abduct reminded him of his child. (The baby he is accused of trying to kidnap is White)

He is currently recovering in a local hospital and awaiting pending charges, including child abduction.