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Has the Evelyn Lozada and Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson saga finally reached its end?  According to TMZ, the marriage between the boisterous pair has finally been dissolved by the courts.  A Florida judge signed off on the divorce case on Wednesday morning, one month after Lozada’s filing.

Evelyn Lozada Files For Divorce!

The couple married on July 4th. Unfortunately, instead of being in marital bliss, the couple’s relationship descended in to a marital abyss.  Just 37 days after tying the knot, Lozada found a receipt for a condom purchase made by her husband.

It was on and poppin’ from there.

While they reportedly argued about the receipt, Johnson then supposedly head butted her. Allegedly bleeding from her forehead, Lozada ran to neighbors, the cops were called, and Johnson was cuffed.  The “Basketball Wives” star then hightailed it to a hospital, where she received stitches for the 3-inch parting gift her husband left her with. Meanwhile, the always jovial Dad of three, who was charged with misdemeanor battery, faces a not-to-funny sentence of up to a year of jail time if convicted.

But that was just the beginning.

Johnson lost his NFL Miami Dolphins gig and lucrative endorsements to boot, VH-1 yanked the couple’s docu-soap “Ev & Ocho,” and Johnson was caught with his hands in way too many cookie jars, with women coming out of the woodwork claiming that they were his side chicks during his engagement and marriage.

While it rained on Johnson, it still poured some more!

Johnson was also sued by former employee Jacinth Preston for $130,000 for allegedly neglecting to pay him for managing services, such as cleaning, landscaping, and decorating at his Florida manse.  The 34-year-old former “Dancing With the Stars” favorite is also facing foreclosure on his Miami, Fla., home because he allegedly owes $28,703 in back payment.

Wait!  But there’s more!

Now there’s talk that the government of St. Maarten could be going after both Lozada and Johnson to the tune of $90,000 for a breach of contract agreement.  The pair agreed to accept $90,000 from the island in order to have their wedding televised there, which would have resulted in an economic tourism boost for St. Maarten.  Now that Lozada and Johnson’s VH1 show has been axed, the island will not get the publicity it had originally sought.

Lozada filed for divorce 41 days after her nuptials and has not looked back. Meanwhile, Johnson has been licking his wounds via his Twitter and Instagram accounts and reportedly put a tattoo of Lozada on his leg.

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Despite Johnson’s pleas for a reconciliation, Lozada has a “chile please” ‘tude and is seemingly looking straight ahead at what the future has in store for her.

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The NFL player finally got a grip and decided to wave his white flag last week, filing  divorce papers last week and stating that his marriage to Lozada was “irretrievably broken.”

Hope we can now finally close the book on this long and drawn out tale!