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The New York pizza boy charged with raping a woman during a deliver has reportedly confessed to the crime, according to the New York Daily News.

Cops say that Cesar Lucas (pictured above), 16, raped the woman while her 7-year-old daughter slept beside her. He allegedly said “that he went in because he was feeling horny and that he took advantage of her,” according to court papers.

Lucas was delivering a pizza to another apartment in the victim’s Upper West Side building when he saw that her door was slightly cracked. He reportedly went in and raped the woman. The little girl never woke up during the assault. The victim told the Daily News that Lucas also stole her cell phone.

Lucas was arrested at work on Saturday for the rape. Lucas was also charged with child endangerment, burglary and sexual abuse. Charged as an adult, Lucas is being held at Riker’s Island without bond.

The victim’s mother lives across the hall from her and they kept their doors open so that they could freely walk back and forth between apartments.

Lucas was arrested in August for robbing an apartment during a pizza run, but reportedly still managed to keep his job as a delivery boy at Sal’s Pizzeria.