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Rapper Drake (pictured left) and R&B singer Chris Brown (pictured right), who engaged in a melee last June at a New York City hot spot nightclub that resulted in injuries and arrests, were both cleared of any wrongdoing due to lack of evidence, according to the Daily Mail.

Reportedly, the fracas, which involved both Drake and Brown’s entourages, was ignited by some choice words that the rapper relayed to the R&B singer via a note.

Brown allegedly sent Drake’s table a bottle of champagne as a peace offering but the gesture was returned with a biting note which read, “I am f**king the love of your life, deal with it.”

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The subject of the note was none other than Brown’s ex, pop singer Rihanna, who split from him after a highly publicized domestic violence dispute. As previously reported by NewsOne, the two are rumored to be back together.

Rihanna was said to have also dated Drake which was a point of contention between the two men.

After the note was read by Brown, he and his crew allegedly confronted Drake and his cohorts and it was on and poppin’ from there!

The brawl at the now famed WIP club resulted in bottles, glasses, ice buckets and fisticuffs being thrown every which way.  Brown suffered an open gash to his chin that required stitches, his then gal pal, Karrueche Tran, was also injured and one of his bodyguards sustained massive head wounds.

NBA San Antonio Spurs player Tony Parker, who was an innocent bystander at the club, suffered a corneal abrasion to one of his eyes.

The brawl caused the venue to be shut down by police for a while due to code violations. WIP’s manager  Jonathan Cantor was also taken into custody after authorities found out he had two outstanding warrants against him. He was given a summons for a noise violation and arrested for open warrants.

Now, after all of the brouhaha and months-long press covering the brawl between Drake and Brown, the two performers can finally call it a truce and hopefully move onward and upwards!


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