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A Bronx Mother is threatening a $250-million lawsuit against the NYPD for handcuffing her son, Wilson Reyes (pictured), to a police precinct wall for six hours in December.

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According to the New York Daily News, the 7-year-old (pictured) was arrested and held for allegedly punching and stealing $5 from a 9-year-old in December. Authorities apprehended him in his classroom at Public School 114 near the Bronx’s Grand Concourse thoroughfare. They detained him at the school for four hours before taking him in to the 44th Precinct for additional detainment.

An anonymous police source told the News that the boy is known for being mischievous, saying that he knocked the older boy to the ground and bloodied his lip.  A lawyer for the boy’s mother refutes these allegations, noting that he has filed a notice of claim against the city, NYPD, and the 44th Precinct.

“How would you feel if [the boy] was your child or your grandchild?” attorney Jack Yankowitz said in a press release. “What happened is a travesty of justice.”

Yankowitz also says that the boy was cuffed for a long time because of where he’s from. “If [this] 7-year-old and his mother lived on 64th and Park and he attended a $35,000-a-year private school, do you think [he] would have been arrested, handcuffed to a wall, and denied access to his mother and legal counsel for 10 hours?”

According to Yankowitz, the responding officers intimidated, verbally assaulted, and threatened the youth for the duration of his stay. The NYPD denies such treatment happened.

A department spokeswoman claims the boy was only restrained at the precinct for four hours and forty minutes.

“The attorney is fabricating the amount of time the child was in custody,” NYPD Inspector Kim Royster said. Another anonymous police source near the situation says that the cops followed the book in how they handled the child. “Everything was done properly,” he said. “He was arrested for a robbery. He was taken to the precinct and put in the juvenile room. His parent was allowed to see him. He had to be handcuffed — he was a prisoner.”

Because of the boy’s age, he can legally be charged as a juvenile. The source says he is no saint and had a history of bullying his victim.

“This kid is no angel, even though he may look like it. We made the arrest based on the complainant aggressively complaining about what the defendant did to him.”

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