Virginia lottery winner, Robert Jones (pictured), 62, who uses a wheel chair, was robbed for $500 after he cashed in his ticket, reports the Huffington Post.

After sharing some of his good fortune with the clerks, he rolled out of the store, only to be accosted by a man who was in the store when he cashed his ticket. The man demanded that he hand over his winnings, but he when Jones refused, he snatched it from his pockets and ran away.

The Huffington Post has more:

Jones, also identified as Kenneth Ray Jones and Kenneth Jones, Sr., in other local media reports, said force wasn’t necessary; the assailant could have asked politely and he would have obliged.

“That’s the type of person I am,” Jones told WAVY. “But, what he did, he didn’t care if I died from it.”

Jones, who lost a leg to diabetes and receives dialysis treatments, said he fears that the man will prey on others and needs to be stopped.

“I’m concerned for myself and my neighbors,” Jones told the the Daily Press. “We need to get him off the street.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, lottery winners can become quick targets.

See the news report below:

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