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Tyshekka Collier (pictured) is facing two counts of assault and battery and another count for disturbing a school when she mistakenly walked into her son’s middle school last Wednesday and slapped a boy across his face whom she mistook for her own child, reports Gawker.

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The Spartanburg, S. C., mom was informed by her son’s school that he was being suspended.  When Collier arrived at the school and walked into the office, she saw a boy sitting with his head down towards his lap. Collier allegedly then walked over to the youth in a blind rage and, before she knew it, she had struck a stranger.

By the time the 36-year-old woman realized the youth was not her son, it was too late.

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(The boy whom she smacked was in the office because he was sick and waiting for his own mother to pick him up.)

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Collier apologized to the boy for her irrational and violent spurt. The angry mom, however, then walked over to her actual child and reportedly knocked him to the ground in front of witnesses who were in the school’s office. Police were summoned and Collier was arrested and hauled off to jail.

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As a consequence of her disturbing public display–besides getting cuffed–Collier’s three children were removed from her home and placed in protective custody.

According to Gawker, Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Lt. Tony Ivey had a warning for parents with hot heads: “I’d try to control your emotions a little bit when it comes to children and especially in public atmospheres here,” he said. “Sometimes it’s better to count to 10 or go off and cool off for a little bit, then go back with a level head  before you start to discipline your children.”