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…If you’re the father of the poor innocent child who was randomly kicked by the kid with Down’s, then… umm.. maybe?

Said differently, violence is never the answer. Have we learned nothing from the squawking screed we all endured after Will.I.Am (or his manager…) allegedly decked Perez Hilton??! I think he counts among the mentally challenged.

But I digress. That father’s reaction was WAY too fast. Should he have at least given himself a chance to properly assess the situation before beating the kid’s face into the cheap linoleum? Should he have spoken to his mother first?

Although, if he had taken the appropriate precautions before beating the lights outta the Downs Syndrome-having teenager, he might not have hit him and we wouldn’t be sitting here reveling in the hilarity of other people’s anguish… *le sigh*

What do you think?


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