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Chad “Ochocinco’ Johnson (pictured above) has certainly had his fair share of troubles over the last couple of years.  The once NFL dynamo is a wanted man but, this time, not by his adoring female fans.  Reportedly, there is a warrant out for Johnson’s arrest for violating several terms of his probation for charges stemming from when he was charged with the physical abuse of his ex-wife, Evelyn Lozada, according to TMZ.


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The warrant which comes from the Broward County, Florida Sheriff’s Office, contends that Johnson failed to meet with his probation officers on February 15 and March 15.  The former wide receiver also allegedly never bothered to show proof of enrollment and completion of a court mandated ‘Batterers Intervention Program.’

Johnson was arrested last August and charged with domestic battery after he and his bride, Lozada, got into a nasty argument that resulted in him allegedly head-butting her.  The violence resulted in Lozada, who is known for her starring role on the hit reality show, “Basketball Wives,” having to go to the hospital to receive stitches on her forehead for an open wound.

After the incident involving Lozada, Johnson was cuffed and charged with domestic battery.  He pleaded no contest, was placed on probation for a year and his 41-day old union not-so-wedded bliss unraveled at the seams.  Lozada filed for divorce and the entire saga was played out publicly until the filing was finalized last September.

Since his marriage woes, the former “Dancing With the Stars” golden boy has been plagued by other negative life-altering occurrences.  After playing in the NFL on various teams for 11 years, the Miami Dolphins dropped Johnson after his domestic abuse charges went public.  Johnson also lost pricey endorsements, has suffered through money problems — such as losing property through foreclosure — and has been deemed a ‘deadbeat dad’ by one of his baby mammas.

For now, Johnson, who lives in Pasadena, California, will be taken into custody. If a hearing determines that he violated probation, it could mean jail time.

Oh woe is Ocho…again!