Katy Perry is getting some heat for making a bad joke about former President Barack Obama and it all stemmed from a new hairdo.

The upside to teens in the limelight is the friendly reminder that not all are caught up in the vanity and fame it brings. Case in point: Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg, who gave a brief lesson on cultural appropriation to Kylie Jenner over the weekend. The youngest sister of the Kardashian klan posted a photo of […]

Katy Perry probably thought riding a giant gold lion across the University of Phoenix Stadium was her best idea since kissing a girl, but nope,…

Once again showing that his ignorance is limitless, Interscope recording artist Chief Keef threatens singer Katy Perry with violence after she — rightfully– said that his song, “I Hate Being Sober,” made her lose faith in humanity. The Chicago-bred high school drop-out, turned criminal, turned corporate rapper, turned (unofficial) murder suspect, responded as he typically […]