This Professor Gates case gets more fascinating by the second. Please see my post from yesterday on what I believe actually happened on the night of the arrest. According to the Boston Herald,  the 911 and Officer’s radio tapes are likely to come out any day now.

I believe the Professor and his lawyer, Professor Charles Ogletree of Harvard Law School, would be wise to keep those tapes from being released.

My guess. The 911 tape has a neighbor saying two Black guys are breaking into a house. This is clearly a racial assumption on the part of the neighbor. So far, so good.

I think the officer’s walkie talkie recordings likely reveal Professor Gates going too far, not good. Only the tapes will reveal if Professor Gates got rowdy enough to warrant an arrest.


When the President jumps on, then off of your team in a period of 48 hours, there is a good chance the White House is preparing for new evidence that is about to become public.

1. President Obama calls the Cambridge police officer to walk back the “stupid” comments and invite him to the White House for a beer. President Obama also says he feels Professor Gates overreacted as well.

2. According to CNN, Gates’ lawyer, Harvard Law professor Charles Ogletree confirms there will be NO Lawsuit from Gates.

3. Professor Gates and his reps are no longer saying this is a racial profile case, but a case of bad judgement. Agreed.


Below, I have compiled some of the most fascinating police calls in recent memory.

Go easy.

“Don’t let nobody out of this room.” OJ Simpon Las Vegas Robbery Tape

“I think you know his record.” Nicole Brown Simpson 911 Call

“We were like Ike and Tina Turner.” Marion Barry Tapes

He’s not breathing at all.” Michael Jackson 911 Tape

“What’s going on man? This is 911” Steve McNair Murder Scene 911 Call

“Just tell them all i’m sorry.” OJ Simpson Bronco Car Chase Call

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