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North Carolina: A group in the east is hoping a new billboard will lead to new clues as to what happened to 9 missing or murdered black women over the past four years.

Missing or Murdered Sisters or MOMS for short put up a billboard on Sunset Avenue in Rocky Mount.

The billboard switches to a different image every 8 seconds with several being about the missing or murdered woman in the area.

Over the past four years 5 black woman have been found dead, one is still unidentified. Three other woman are missing.

Authorities have not said whether the murders or missing woman are linked but community leaders hope this brings more awareness.

You will find the information of the missing woman on three electronic billboards across the city. There is one on sunset avenue, two others are on U.S. 301. The billboards are paid for through next month.

You can donate money by heading to any Wachovia bank branch in the east.


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