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Now, this is love.

Allegedly suffering from painful work-related stress and “delusions,” Wang Li, 45,  jumped from the 6th floor window of his apartment, but was saved when his wife, Ling Su, grabbed his ankle and held on to him until the police arrived, reports the NY Daily News.

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The incident happened in the Jilin province of China. Arms shaking and strength fading, Li single-handedly held on to her husband’s leg as he dangled for approximately 20 minutes.

“We heard a shout and screaming and there he was dangling from the window with his wife hanging onto his pants,” one passerby said.

“She got a stronger hold on his leg and screamed for help. We tried to get in to help her but the apartment was locked and we couldn’t break down the door,” he added.

See footage of the amazing rescue below:

According to neighbors, the family just recently moved into the apartment, and the couple’s young child was not at home.

When asked by police why he jumped, Li said that he was suffering from headaches and “delusional.”

Though some observers accused Li of abandoned his family, all praised his wife’s quick thinking and courage.

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