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George Zimmerman (pictured), who gunned down 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, is now reportedly missing in action. The former neighborhood watchman is allegedly hiding out somewhere unbeknownst to his wife, Shellie (pictured), so that he won’t be presented with divorce papers, according to TMZ.

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Shellie’s lawyer, Kelly Sims, has reportedly been trying to smoke George out for the last week but to no avail; Zimmerman allegedly vanished from the public eye after he reportedly threatened his estranged wife with a gun and socked his father-in-law, David Dean, in the nose earlier this month.

See photos of Dean’s bruised nose here:

And while Zimmerman has reportedly been in contact with his family members, they claim not to know where he is.

After Zimmerman reportedly had the heated altercation with his father-in-law and Shellie, Lake Mary, Fla., police chief Steve Bracknell was called upon to investigate the case. In a series of September 10th e-mail exchanges with a town resident, Santiago Rodriguez, who was critical of the department’s initial decision not to arrest or charge Zimmerman, Bracknell reportedly stated that the 29-year-old was a volatile character.

In fact, the police chief wholeheartedly agreed with Rodriguez that Zimmerman was indeed a “ticking time bomb and a Sandy Hook, Aurora waiting to happen.”

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Meanwhile Shellie, who is serving 12 months’ probation for lying to the judge about the couple’s finances at her husband’s bail hearing last year, and her dad, David Bryant Dean, refused to prosecute Zimmerman after the confrontation so there were no arrests made by police.

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