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biker craig wright arrested

Craig Wright (pictured center), a fourth biker involved in the Washington Heights attack against Alexian Lien (pictured below) and his family, was arrested Monday, the New York Daily News reports. Authorities apprehended Wright from his Canarsie home.

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Alexian Lien

Alexian Lien (pictured right) and wife Rosalyn Ng (pictured).

Lien was dragged from the vehicle and beaten by the bikers, after he reportedly ran over Jeremiah Edwin Mieses (pictured at right), allegedly crushing his spine in two places, on Sunday Edwin Misesafternoon. Mieses’ wife, Dayana Mejia-Meises, said, “They crushed his spine — broke it in two different places — so he will be forever, forever paralyzed.”

Meanwhile Lien’s wife, Rosalyn Ng, and 2-year-old son witnessed Lien’s assault from inside the SUV.

Police sources told the News they believe NYPD detective Samir Gonsalves participated in the ride but not the assault. He was off-duty at the time. Officials were able to identify him, after viewing his motorcycle’s license plates in the video. He was already on modified duty following an August arrest for fighting with cops sent to break up an argument he was having with his girlfriend, who is a prosecutor in Queens.

Another undercover detective alleged to be with the bikers remains unidentified. Both detectives are currently being investigated by the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau.

Watch Alexian Lien allegedly run over Meises and then be harassed by bikers here:

Police located Wright in much the same way they did Gonsalves, tracing the license plate on his bike to his uncle. The uncle then told them he’d loaned Wright his bike for the day.

Wright can be seen on new video (watch below) of the incident punching Lien in the face through his SUV’s shattered window.

Wright has previous arrests for reckless driving, driving without a license, and failing to appear in court to answer a traffic violation. He is charged with assault and unlawful imprisonment.

Two other bikers, Sims and Reggie Chance, are charged along with Wright in the attack. Chance allegedly smashed Lien’s driver window open with his helmet. Christopher Cruz of N.J. was arrested for initiating the confrontation by driving in front of Lien’s SUV and hitting the brakes.

Officers are still looking for three of the six bikers who attacked Lien.

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