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New York City recorded a full day without any shootings or stabbings this past Thursday, according to the New York Daily News.

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The last time the city went 24 hours without any violence was November 26, 2012. A spokesperson for Mayor Michael Bloomberg attributed the blood-free day to the NYPD’s work.

“In the last month, we have seen the NYPD do the following: prevent a single homicide from occurring for an entire week — a first in New York City; catch the killer in a 22-year-old murder; and now pull off the feat of no murders, no shootings, and no stabbings for an entire day in a city of 8.4 million,” the spokesman said.

“The examples of why we have the finest police department in the world just keep coming.”

NYPD Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly complimented Bloomberg’s spokesperson. “From the largest illegal gun bust in city history to Operation Crew Cut, we continue to do everything we can to rid our neighborhood streets of illegal firearms and other weapons,” he said, referencing the 254 illegal guns the department seized in August, the largest in city history.

Watch a news report about the violence-free day:

Thursday marked another positive trend in the city’s declining murder and violence rates. Shootings are down 22 percent this year. As of Sunday, the city has only seen 283 murders for 2013 — 81 less than in 2012. If this rate continues, there will be 100 less killings for 2013 than last year’s 419.

Even better, the Big Apple is on track to have the lowest number of homicides in 60 years.

In January, the city experienced 9 days without any murders, though many attributed it largely to cold temperatures.

Kelly has also attributed the declines to the NYPD’s focus on youth gangs and domestic violence, placing more officers in high-crime neighborhoods and using electronic data to monitor crime trends.

For those wondering where Stop & Frisk fits in to the equation — it really doesn’t.

The department performed 53 percent fewer stops and searches as of this August than it did in the same time frame last year, the Gothamist reports.

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