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Craig Cobb, 62, the White supremacist who very publicly discovered that he was 14 percent Black last week, was arrested and charged with three counts of terrorism on Saturday, reports the Bismarck Tribune.

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Cobb and associate Kynan Dutton, 29, were arrested after neighbors in Leith, North Dakota called 911 to report that Cobb and Dutton were threatening and approaching them with guns in an intimidating manner.

Cobb sent the following text messages to the Tribune before he was arrested: “Because of the many violences [sic] and harassments against we [sic] and the children, we have commenced armed patrols of Leith.” He also texted that he planned on naming some of his property “Adolph Hitler Pvt. Park of Leith.”

The property to which Cobb is referring consists of 13 properties that the White supremacist purchased to create an enclave for other White supremacists to join his attempts to take over the town of Leith.

Read more from the Daily Mail:

The town’s only bi-racial couple Sherrill and Bobby Harper have come under particular pressure. Bobby is the only black man in town. A note pinned to the couple’s door recently read: ‘What are you doing “married” to a Negro?’ and demanded Sherill leave her husband and ‘join Mr Cobb’s movement.’

Two weeks ago Mr Cobb confronted the Harpers on The Trisha Show, demeaning their relationship with the words: ‘She has her pet you see.’

Speaking to MailOnline Mr Harper was philosophical and dignified. He said he was ‘better’ than Cobb but expressed his belief that the situation was ‘going to get worse.’

In an interview with MailOnline Mr Cobb referred to African Americans as ‘jungle bunnies’ and ‘Orks’ and said that black people were: ‘Strolling biological early warning devices. They look bad, they sound bad and often times they smell bad.’

In what he referred to as a ‘better world where we are in charge,’ he said that all black immigrants to America would be instructed on arrival: ‘If you try to have sex with our white handmaidens we will hang you.’

Watch Harper talk about the racist conditions in Leith below:


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