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Wilkin Delossantos (pictured) of the Bronx claims officers unjustly tasered him in his apartment. Now he has filed a complaint against the NYPD and is talking to a lawyer about suing, the New York Daily News reports.

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Delossantos claims policeman barged in to his apartment in the Melrose Houses complex on September 3rd, when he was sitting on his kitchen floor. According to Delossantos, 23, as he was being tasered, the involved officers bragged about it.

“I overheard one officer telling the officer who tasered me, ‘Hey, man, you popped your cherry,’” Delossantos said. “The guy who tasered me said, ‘Yeah, I’ve been waiting for that.’”

Delossantos says his sister called 911 because she thought he was sick. However, the NYPD claims his mother and sister called because he was emotionally disturbed. They also say he tried confronting the officer with the taser.

Delossantos received minor wounds from the incident.

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