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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.‘s (pictured) daughter, Dr. Bernice King, is calling for this year’s King Holiday to be violence-free, honoring the civil rights leader who strongly promoted non-violence.

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Though multiple events are scheduled through next week honoring M.L.K., Bernice King wants January 20th to come and go 100 percent peacefully.

“No shooting off at the mouth with our tongue, negative and demeaning words; no shooting off physically with our fists, pushing, shoving hitting; and no shooting off of any type of gun. Just for one day,” King said in a PSA released on Priests For Life.

Though she acknowledges this task is challenging, King noted the proposal marks the King Center’s multi-year initiative of convincing people to embrace peaceful lifestyles.

According to FBI statistics, 2012 saw 14,827 murders in the United States. Almost 70 percent of those killings involved guns. This would equal 10, 275 fatal shootings for that year, averaging 28 per day.

“Let freedom ring. Choose non-violence,” King added. For a list of activities taking place through Monday, click here.

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Bernice King also brought the idea of non-violence to Roland Martin on NewsOne Now.

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