“It is even very clear that our policy at home is to try to solve social problems through military means just as we have done abroad." - Coretta Scott King

Good News

The former home of Atlanta’s first Black mayor Maynard Jackson will be transformed into affordable housing.

Monday marked the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's funeral as well as the March for Humanity in Atlanta.

Insensitive Newsweek Newsweek kicked off 2018 by being extremely offensive. Without explanation, the magazine tweeted a photo of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in a casket. The photo included the bizarre caption “Has anybody seen my old friend Martin?” If you want to see the photo, which we will not post, click here. Bernice King, Dr. […]


Bernice King, the daughter of the late Coretta Scott King, wants her mother’s letters, speeches, and commentary published.

The heirs of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. dynasty, Martin Luther III, Dexter Scott (both pictured from left), and Bernice (pictured far right) are locked in a bitter court feud regarding the rights to the slain civil rights icon’s bible and Nobel Peace Prize medal, according to the Detroit Free Press. SEE ALSO:  50 Years […]

NewsOne Now

Bernice King spoke with “NewsOne Now“ host Roland Martin Monday to set the record straight on her current legal battle with her brothers. Also See: Roland Martin: ‘All Dexter King Cares About Is the Money’ The King family made news last week when Bernice King released an open letter detailing a conflict with Dexter and […]


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.‘s (pictured) daughter, Dr. Bernice King, is calling for this year’s King Holiday to be violence-free, honoring the civil rights leader who strongly promoted non-violence. SEE ALSO: What The New Voting Bill Means For Your State Though multiple events are scheduled through next week honoring M.L.K., Bernice King wants January 20th […]

How low can you go? Dr. Bernice King (pictured below) had the unfortunate experience of seeing her idolized father’s, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., face superimposed on the image of a street hood sporting a huge gold chain and making a gang sign gestures under the party headline “Freedom to Twerk.” The fliers, which had […]

Bernice King spoke out against the public school cheating scandal in Atlanta on a local radio station, suggesting there needs to be “consequences” for teachers who helped students cheat on standardized tests. “You have to have consequences when people cheat our children because at the end of the day, [our children] don’t get a second […]