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Bernice King spoke with “NewsOne Now host Roland Martin Monday to set the record straight on her current legal battle with her brothers.

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The King family made news last week when Bernice King released an open letter detailing a conflict with Dexter and Martin Luther King, III over the potential sale of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Nobel Peace prize and traveling bible. She followed up that letter with a press conference Thursday where she asked members of the media to mention she and her brothers separately.

“In all of the years that I’ve seen articles, blogs, everything else, I think people have unfairly categorized me,” King told Martin. “It was my attempt to say look at this for what it is. I had to stand on principle in this particular issue. This is not about a fight for me but these are very sacred items. We don’t sell them, they should not be bought.”

King went on to say that, contrary to popular belief, she has never engaged in any fights over money. “I work at the King Center every day. I’m not on salary. That’s my service to my parents’ legacy, so it pains me when I’m unfairly characterized,” she said.

Listen to King’s full conversation with Martin about her family’s latest legal battle below.

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