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On his Friday “NewsOne Now” radio show, Roland Martin slammed Dexter King regarding the the King family’s latest legal battle. After playing audio from the press conference held Thursday by Bernice King in its entirety, Martin charged the younger of the King brothers with being “only about the check.”

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“At the end of the day, this does boil down to money – plain and simple,” said Martin. “Anybody that knows Dexter King will tell you that all Dexter has cared about is the money. You have never seen Dexter King show up at a march. You have never seen Dexter King show up at a rally. You have never seen Dexter King do any of that. In fact, Dexter wouldn’t even come to the unveiling of the King memorial.”

Martin went on to say that the fight between Dexter, Martin Luther King, III and their sister Bernice over the sale of their father’s bible and Nobel Peace price is a “disgrace.” 

Listen to Martin’s full commentary on the King family battle below.

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