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Neshanna Turner is upset because she claims her fifth grade, asthmatic son, Henry (pictured), was ordered to clean toilets last Wednesday for arguing with another classmate, according to MyFox Detroit.

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When Henry, who attends the Longfields Elementary School in Forestville, Maryland, asked his mother how to clean toilets, that’s when it became apparent that her son was tasked with the dirty detail.

The incensed Mom told MyFox that a photograph of her son was taken as he scoured school desks during the after-school detention. Turner also contends that her son had to push carts around and place chairs on desks in addition to toiling away at the toilets.

What has Turner seething is the fact that her asthmatic son was reportedly exposed to chemicals that caused him to feel ill. Henry reportedly stayed home from school on the day after his detention because he did not feel well, claiming that the cleaning agents made him sick.

Turner told My Fox, “If you want to give them detention, that’s fine. Have them come in, sit down, do their homework, give them an essay or a writing assignment.”

Longfields Elementary released the following statement, regarding Turner’s allegations about her son’s punishment:

Although ‘In-School Work Detail’ is an appropriate disciplinary response, the response must match a student’s infraction. In addition, the appropriateness of any disciplinary action taken is always subject to internal review and/or may be appealed.

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