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Malia Obama (pictured), oldest offspring of President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle, has reportedly landed a J-O-B, according to The Wrap.  The 15-year-old has been working as a production assistant on actress Halle Berry’s upcoming and much-talked-about sci-fi TV show, “Extant.”

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Malia is temporarily living in Los Angeles, where the Steven Spielberg-produced show is being filmed. According to an unnamed source, the First Daughter “helped with computer shop alignments and the director also let her slate a take.” The junior high schooler, whose classes wrapped up for the semester, was allegedly joined by her mom and dad over the weekend in Palm Springs. Youngest daughter Sasha, who just celebrated a birthday on June 10th, did not join the family in California.

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As for how long Malia will get to toil away at her new gig, that has not been revealed. But reportedly, Malia is getting a good running start at doing something that she has an interest in pursuing down the line: filmmaking. The teen’s dad revealed this fact in the January issue of the New Yorker Magazine that not only is his daughter a huge fan of the HBO show “Girls,” but that she has aspirations of becoming a filmmaker.

In the CBS show, which premieres on July 2, Berry plays an astronaut, who after being away from her husband and their human-like robotic son for a year, tries to reconnect with them. The show reportedly has an intriguing and thought-provoking plot in that it makes mention of possible scientific concepts and evolution theories that centers around human race survival.

Reach for the stars, Malia!

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