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The  Israel-Palestine conflict continues to rage on in the Middle-East with the death toll climbing into the thousands. The conflict between the two warring sides has gone on for thousands of years. Will there ever be peace between Israel and Palestine? Roland Martin takes your calls in this edition of the “NewsOne Now” Audio Podcast.

R&B artist and activist Akon joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” to share his plans on lighting up Africa. His “Akon Lighting Africa Project” aims to bring electricity to one (1) million households in Africa by the end of 2014.

Civil rights icon, Ambassador Andrew Young shared his wealth of knowledge on U.S.-Africa relations and his views about the U.S. Africa Leadership Summit.

Why are we enamored with ratchet videos and websites like Media Take Out, World Star Hip Hop and others? Truth In Reality found Sil Lai Abrams and  comedian Lav Luv break down the guilty pleasure.

Roland Martin and Funnyman Skiba joke with each other about which cake pop resembles who on “NewsOne Now.” Comedians Timmy Hall and Franqi French join in on the fun during this week’s installment of “Wildin’ Out Wednesday.”

All that and more in this special edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.