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UPDATED 2:38 P.M., 10/13/14:  According to a press release released by PICO National Network, 10 clergy leaders and activists were arrested on Monday, after the Moral Monday March. In addition, to scholar Cornel West being arrested, Pastor Michael McBride and founder and President of Sojourners Jim Wallis were also arrested.

Pastor McBride released the following statement about Monday’s arrests:


Our actions today are an act of resistance and repentance.  This afternoon’s arrests in Ferguson are another example of how activists, including prominent local faith leaders, members of local faith congregations, students and community leaders, are being falsely accused of inciting violence when the truth in plain site is that we are seeking justice.
Repentance is more than an apology; it’s an earnest change in behavior. Faith leaders are repenting because we have not been there for our children and our faith traditions have let down black youth, but we’re also calling on the Ferguson police department to repent. Repent for the murder of Michael Brown. Humble yourselves. God will forgive you, but you must repent.It is critical for the whole world to know that protesters in Ferguson are peacefully making their voices heard and showing the best of our democracy.
“Dr. King said, “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. If peacefully marching and standing shoulder to shoulder with the people of Ferguson in this fight for social justice, for all of America, is unjust, then it’s something we are willing to endure in order to eliminate racial injustice and lift up the basic human right of dignity for all people. “We will stand, we will march, we will protest until the conditions change. Our commitment and perseverance in this moment is tremendous and we have an opportunity to intentionally remake our democracy to be one that equally serves and protects all of our people.”
Wallis added:
Repentance is a powerful theme throughout the Bible. It isn’t just about admitting wrongdoing but also committing to making changes that prevent further harm from being done. While many have lamented the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, there remains little evidence that public officials in Missouri have the courage to alter their policies and behavior to prevent future injustices. I’m coming to Ferguson because repentance has not happened there yet and the faith community won’t rest until it does.”
UPDATED 4:40 A.M., 10/14/14: Cornel West was released early Tuesday morning, according to However, socially-conscious rapper Tef Poe, who was arrested along with West, remains in custody for a separate act of civil disobedience.
Jodie Evans of CODEPINK, a grassroots women’s organization, shared with AllHipHop how West’s arrest happened:
“Dr. West announced at the event in St Louis that he didn’t come to talk, he came to go to jail.  If the Ferguson police didn’t arrest Officer Darren Wilson he would go to jail demanding it.  ‘When you murder someone you get arrested and have a fair trial,’ he told the audience.  Today without umbrella or raincoat he continued to stand with the clergy asking for justice.  Each of the clergy looking in the eyes of the police and addressing them as humans and sharing their stories.  Tears were flowing before the rain join in.  Dr West was the first to be arrested by the cops, he continued to speak to them asking for their humanity.”
“From the time Dr. Cornel West arrived in St Louis and Ferguson he has shown up to support the young leaders of Ferguson.  His humility and strength continued through the wee hours of this morning, through his standing in the pouring rain inviting the humanity of the Ferguson police, to being handcuffed and taken into the police station as he continued to plea for justice and arrest of Officer Darren Wilson.”



Political activist Cornel West (pictured with hands behind back) was arrested in Ferguson Monday, according to a tweet by Fusion News.

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West was in town as part of ongoing police protests following the shooting deaths of Michael Brown in August and Vonderrit Myers last week. L.A. Times reporter Matt Pearce tweeted that West was arrested with protestors:

Pearce added that those getting arrested are being peaceful and “willing to get arrested.”

The renowned scholar was also seen at protests Sunday evening.

NewsOne will keep you updated.

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