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UPDATED, 8:00 P.M. ET: TMZ has obtained footage of the incident that led to the arrests of comedian Katt Williams and Death Row co-founder Suge Knight.

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Hip-Hop heavyweight Marion “Suge” Knight, co-founder of the notorious Death Row Records, and comedian Katt Williams were arrested Wednesday and accused of stealing a paparazzi’s camera last month outside of a studio in Beverly Hills, reports


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The Sept. 5 incident may cost Knight his freedom.

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Knight, 49, faces up to 30 years in prison because he has a prior conviction for assault with a deadly weapon. Williams, who was arrested when he showed up at court for a different assault case, faces a maximum of seven years. Knight was arrested in Las Vegas.

Prosecutors said they will ask for Knight’s bail to be set at $1 million and for a $75,000 bail for Williams, 43.

Beverly Hills Police are still investigating the case, authorities said.

CNN reached out to representatives for both men Wednesday night without immediate success.

As previously reported by, back in 2012 Williams was arrested for battery after an altercation at a club in Oakland, California. Prior to that, Williams was arrested for violating parole for a possible gun possession violation at Hollywood club Supper.

And in June of 2011, the comedian was arrested for intimidation of a witness, after having an “intense standoff” with a tractor driver.

Williams was also arrested back in 2006 once authorities found a stolen gun in his briefcase.

 Knight and Williams also got into a fight at a Los Angeles club hours after Williams was released from jail in 2012.

The men’s friendship has previously landed them in the public eye.

Williams was allegedly high on cocaine when he began rambling during an appearance in Oakland in 2012. Knight can be seen in the following video trying to get him to return to the stage after he became verbally combative with a fan. When that didn’t work, Suge picked him up and made him calm down.

Knight, who spent several years in prison on assault and weapons convictions, was shot six times in the stomach in August at a party thrown by Chris Brown in Los Angeles.

This story is developing. Check in with NewsOne for updates.

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