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Roland Martin and the “NewsOne Now” Straight Talk panel looked at three instances of police misconduct involving African Americans.

First off, military vet William Wingate was harassed and arrested by Seattle police for using a golf club as a cane and “walking while Black.” Dash cam video shows the officer involved accusing Wingate of swinging the golf club at her, but as we can see on the tape it never happened.


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Our second “Cops Caught On Tape” instance involves another Seattle police officer pepper spraying an African American passerby for no apparent reason after a peaceful MLK Day event. Video captured at the scene of the incident shows high school history teacher Jesse Hagopian peacefully walking past a group of Seattle police officers talking to his mother on the phone. Just as he passes one of the officers he is pepper sprayed in the face.

Our final “Cops Caught On Tape” instance takes place in San Francisco where a public defender is arrested by San Fransisco police officers after she asks them not to take pictures of her client. Video footage recorded during the puzzling incident shows attorney Jami Tillotson being taken away in handcuffs after police officers accuse her of obstructing a police investigation. As we all can see on the tape that is clearly not the case.

Check out these bizarre instances of police misconduct in the video clip above involving individuals who are doing nothing wrong but law enforcement officers seem to think so.

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