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Former NFL safety Darren Sharper appears in a Los Angeles Superior courtroom Thursday, February 20, 2014, pleading not guilty to charges of drugging and raping a pair of women he allegedly met at a West Hollywood nightclub. Sharper’s bail has been increased from $200,000 to $1 million. (Photo credit: Bob Chamberlin/AFP/Getty Images) / Getty

The details of former NFL star Darren Shaper’s plea deal for serial rape have come out, and one bizarre one – penile plethysmograph, or PPG — has many scratching their heads.

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Sharper, who has raped at least nine women in four states, received nine years under the plea deal which was negotiated with various prosecutors at both the state and federal levels.

In addition to PPG, when Sharper is released from prison in less than a decade, like many sexual predators he will essentially be under monitoring for the rest of his life.

The New Orleans Advocate exclusively reports that during Sharper’s first three to five years of freedom, California officials will track him by GPS, and he will undergo sex offender treatment for years.

Additionally, Sharper can never drink alcohol again, nor ever enter any bars or liquor stores. He also is not allowed into sex shops and prohibited from chatting on the Internet to get a date.

Sharper will additionally be subject to lie detector tests and, while on lifetime probation in Arizona, the “penile plethysmograph,” in which a sensor is attached to the penis while an array of sexual images — depictions of both consensual and nonconsensual sex — flash before him to get a reading on whether rape arouses him, reports the New Orleans Advocate.

At this time there is not any information about what Arizona authorities would do with the information gleaned from the PPG test.

The Advocate explains the deal further:

Sharper will comply or land back in prison — in Arizona or Louisiana, or both — to serve at least another 14 years behind bars before returning to the same conditions.

Such are the terms of a “comprehensive and global disposition” that Sharper and prosecutors in four states have reached to resolve drugging and rape cases against him in Louisiana, Arizona, California and Nevada, covering nine sexual assault victims.

The terms of the deal remain for two judges in New Orleans — one federal, one state — to approve as public bewilderment rises locally and nationally over what many see as a sweetheart prison term for the retired ex-Saints star.

Sound off: Do you think Sharper’s getting off easy considering he got less than 10 years for what usually would guarantee life behind bars? Monitoring or not?

SOURCE: The New Orleans Advocate