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Jazz saxophonist Najee recently joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to talk about his career in music and his new album, Me, You and Forever.

Melody Charles of highly recommends Najee’s new offering, saying:

From spine-tingling slow jams (“Butterfly Girl,” the waltz and wedding-ready titile track) to the giddy, improvisational tracks “Spectrum” and “Jannah” (the latter is so off-the-cuff that you can hear them cracking on one another at the end), Najee’s You, Me and Forever will slip into the playlist as easily as any of its predecessors and become a grown and sexy summer staple for 2015. In an era where the music industry seems to cannibalize the vets in favor of the newbies, Najee has little to worry about: after all, his skill-set is well-honed, the crown is well-earned and the legacy will endure…Forever.

Najee told Martin this album differs from his other musical masterpieces by way of the creative process he went through for the project. “I did this record all over the world,” he said.

“I went to London, recorded over there. I went to New York, I went to Dallas, Los Angeles … Honestly, it was just a lot of fun — just took some chances, really — that’s what it was. [I] collaborated with different people I hadn’t worked with and had known for many years, and this is probably the first record that I don’t have a major superstar, like a Eric Benet, or somebody like that.”

In lieu of superstars, Najee said he was seeking different sounds and introduced “people who happened to be in the industry like Andrea Wallace, who’s worked with Kirk Franklin and the Family.” The longtime soprano saxophonist made mention of vocalist and guitarist Chuck Johnson, who has toured with him for seven years, as another artist that he introduced on Me, You and Forever.

Watch Roland Martin and jazz saxophonist Najee talk about his new album Me, You and Forever in the video clip above. Don’t miss Najee playing a little sumpin’ sumpin’ at the end of his chat with Martin.

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