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Gospel singer Anthony Brown stopped by NewsOne Now to talk about his new album, Everyday Jesus.

Brown told guest host Mo Ivory that his sophomore album with Group TherAPy,”zeros in on our need to have something great, positive, wonderful in our world.”

“I think it’s a great time to focus on something that is positive and gives light and love,” he added.

In talking about the social unrest in his hometown of Baltimore, recent events in Ferguson, and tragedies around the country, Brown said he is very proud to be a Black man and very proud to be a positive role model.

“I think that the news often times paints us differently,” he said, giving  “kudos” to Ivory, Roland Martin, and NewsOne Now for “always making sure that people know that what people portray as Black men is not all that we are. There is a-whole-other side of things going on.”

Brown, who credits his parents for raising him right, told Ivory, “This music for me is just a way to offer that to people in a therapeutic way who may not ever step foot in a church.”

Brown added that his music is a way to “offer something to them that will give them hope and have them looking for something positive and hopefully, they will find it in what I found it in.”

Watch NewsOne Now guest host Mo Ivory and gospel singer/writer Anthony Brown discuss his new album Everyday Jesus in the video clip above.

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