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Editor’s Note: A Getty image published as a thumbnail to accompany this article on Oct. 2, 2015 showed the interior of Washington D.C. sports bar Cheerz DC — not that of DSTRKT in London. Cheerz DC is in no way associated with the London club referenced in this article. The image has since been removed. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.


After a week of backlash, the popular London club DSTRKT has released a statement regarding allegations of racial discrimination.

Last week, four women were denied entry into the luxury club because two of them were allegedly deemed “too dark” or “too fat.” Zalika Miller and Lin Mei came to the defense of their friends Reisha and Tasha Campbell by sharing their story on social media. A promoter also told the ladies Mei was allowed into the club because she was lighter than her friends, Vice reports.

Mei and her friends organized the peaceful protest, #DoILookDSTRKT, and sparked a conversation about discrimination in social gatherings. The club posted a lengthy reply to the allegations on Facebook Thursday, claiming the women were not allowed in because the club was at capacity.

They also didn’t stray too far from victim-shaming, posting screenshots of Mei’s Instagram page from nearly three months ago at the club with Miller. Mei and Miller never denied attending the club in the past. Also posted were negative comments about dark-skinned women from Mei’s personal Facebook account.

From Vice:

“DSTRKT restaurant and club has launched a thorough investigation into this alleged event and found that at no stage did any of the DSTRKT staff said to the women they were not to be allowed in on any the basis of their skin colour or size. Comments made by external promoters to the women or in general have nothing to do with DSTRKT and aren’t deemed acceptable.”

The content of the post, which does contain references to the “light skinned team” and “darkies,” could prove to be problematic on some level, but clearly is neither relevant or appropriate material for an official statement from a business accused of practicing prejudice.

With no one admitting fault in the incident, more accusations continue to fly from employees and the women on social media. A statement from the Westminster City Council given to The Guardian encourages those who have been racially discriminated against to file a proper report with police.

From The Guardian: 

“We are concerned to hear allegations of racist behaviour at any nightclubs within Westminster. We have been advised that this could be dealt with by making a complaint under the Equality Act to the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Alternatively, if there are allegations of criminal conduct these should be referred to the police. The police would then be able to investigate and if appropriate initiate a review of the premises license, which we would take very seriously.”

The club continued to promote their latest Black celebrity, singer Omarion, on Friday. Past attendees include Jay Z, Rihanna, and Drake.

SOURCE: Vice, Facebook, The Guardian | VIDEO CREDIT: Inform 


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