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A South Carolina man was arrested for calling 911 on his girlfriend after she refused to have consensual sex with him.

The incident happened shortly after midnight on Tuesday, when Patrick Doggett, 53, began drinking outside of his home in Spartanburg, the New York Daily News reports. His girlfriend and her grandchild were in the home. When Doggett came back inside to demand sex from the woman, she refused, prompting him to call the authorities.

Via New York Daily News

As rising waters ravaged most of South Carolina, a love scorned South Carolina man found himself behind bars for a superfluous 911 call complaining “his girlfriend … would not give him any a–.” “F— that b—-,” Doggett allegedly told officers.

The woman wasn’t physically harmed, but it’s clear her refusal to have sex did expose the fragility of his masculinity…and a culture that often supports the idea that when men ask for sex, it should be given.

Doggett was charged with public drunkenness. He was not charged for abusing the 911 dispatch. He will face his first court hearing next week.

SOURCE: New York Daily News | VIDEO CREDIT: Inform 


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