Qualin Campbell was found dead in Colorado Springs after the Black man's wife called 911. Now, the police's delayed response is being blamed.

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Sheila E. Ayers was fired as a Buffalo 911 dispatcher for hanging up on shooting survivor Latisha Rogers. Ayers is blaming Rogers now.


Tops employee Latisha Rogers said a 911 dispatcher hung up when she reported the Buffalo shooting. The dispatcher is facing termination.

New details suggest an off-duty police officer who killed unarmed Black man Jason Walker in in Fayetteville, North Carolina, didn't need to use lethal force - or any force at all - even though his 911 call shows he was determined to use his gun.

The "Clueless" actress was arrested on Sept. 29.

Trump’s economy is so great but Stacey Dash is allegedly broke.

Stacey Dash claims she was attacked first but her husband says she has been assaulting him.

Allison Jean believes the 911 call was leaked to gain sympathy for Amber Guyger.

The 911 call made by an off duty Dallas police officer who shot and killed a man in his own home last year has been published by a local news station.


Officials in Dallas were intentionally withholding the 911 call former police officer Amber Guyger made after she shot and killed Botham Jean in his own apartment last month.

Chattanooga, Tennessee police have released a harrowing recording of a 911 call related to a double-homicide that occurred on Sunday. The victims, George Dillard, 24, and Lakita Hicks, 25, were shot and killed inside their home and police say the shootings were witnessed by the couple’s 5-year-old son, who called 911 after the gunman left […]