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Dems Troll GOP After House Speaker Chaos

President Barack Obama has been complaining for years about the dysfunction of Republican congressional leadership.

But America got to see it firsthand on Thursday, when Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California abruptly withdrew from the race to succeed Speaker John A. Boehner, who abruptly resigned last month over political infighting.

While some House Republicans wept after McCarthy announced his withdrawal, a few Democrats seized the moment to troll the opposition party online after enduring years of legislative battles over the federal budget, Planned Parenthood funding, and the 2012 Benghazi attack, among other things.

Democratic veteran U.S. Rep. Charlie Rangel of New York tweeted a photo of himself drinking a smoothie while watching television news broadcasts about the chaos.

Staff for Democratic U.S. Rep. Mark Takano of California tweeted a preview of a fake Craigslist ad to assist in the search.

A day before McCarthy’s abrupt resignation, Takano used the moment to check in on the issues.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee also weighed in, offering up a candidate of its own.

Meanwhile, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is considering a bid for speaker. What do you think about Ryan’s potential candidacy, and can he help repair the image of Republican House leadership?

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Hispanic Woman “Loves Mr. Trump”

Despite backlash from Hispanics over his negative comments about Mexican immigrants, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Thursday met an enthusiastic supporter on the campaign trail who vowed to vote for him.

Trump, who was speaking at a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, invited the unidentified woman from Columbia onstage, where she proceeded to chant and cheer for the candidate as if she were attending a sporting event:

“I’m Hispanic and [I’ll] vote for Mr. Trump. Yay, Mr. Trump, we love you all the way to the White House.”

Trump says he never met the woman before, but he was happy for the love. The incident occurred after a fake story surfaced this week claiming that escaped Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán is reportedly offering a $100 million bounty for Trump’s head, according to the International Business Times.

SOURCE: International Business Times | VIDEO CREDIT: Inform


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