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An attorney for Chris Few says body camera footage shows Few’s hands were up when two city marshals shot into his car last week, critically wounding the dad and killing his 6-year-old son Jeremy Mardis.

According to the Huffington Post, Few’s lawyer Mark Jeansonne told the AP body camera footage showed his hands were raised when Louisiana officers Lt. Derrick Stafford, 32, and Norris Greenhouse Jr., 23, fired into the vehicle.

Jeremy, 6, died at the scene from head and chest wounds. Investigators claim at least 18 rounds were shot at Few’s SUV.

After Jeansonne’s comments on the case were made public, a gag order was put in place by Judge William J. Bennett, preventing key people in the case from speaking to the media.

Initial reports about the car chase were retracted after it was revealed there was no warrant out for the 25-year-old father and no weapon was found at the scene. Stafford and Greenhouse were charged with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder. Both men are being held on a $1 million bond. Lt. Jason Brouillette and Sgt. Kenneth Parnell, who were also involved in the incident, have been placed on administrative leave.

The body camera footage has not yet been made public. On Friday, State Police Superintendent Col. Mike Edmonson called the footage, “one of the most disturbing scenes I have seen.”

The officers’ background has also been called into question.

U.S. Uncut reports Stafford was previously indicted for rape and has several lawsuits for excessive force lodged against him. Stafford is employed with the Marksville police department and Greenhouse is a city marshal at the Alexandria City Office. Greenhouse allegedly knew Few before their encounter.

U.S. Uncut reports:

It didn’t take long for local press to uncover extensive rap sheets for both officers, which included two indictments for aggravated rape.

Derrick Stafford, the officer indicted for rape, also has five pending civil suits against him for various complaints of excessive force, including breaking the arm of a 14-year-old girl on a school bus as well as assaulting and pepper-spraying a 15-year-old boy at a Fourth of July celebration.

Norris Greenhouse Jr., the other officer implicated in the murder of 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis, is named in several of the same suits for acting in tandem with Stafford.

Jeremy was laid to rest on Monday. His family and community members attended the funeral in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

SOURCE: Huffington PostU.S. Uncut | VIDEO CREDIT: Inform 


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