Police Brutality

Michael Brown was killed four years ago today.

An attorney for Chris Few says body camera footage shows Few's hands were up when two city marshals shot into his car last week, critically wounding the dad and killing his 6-year-old son Jeremy Mardis.

With the help of a few funny people, diverse groups have merged to bring cultural awareness, and racial and economic justice to Ferguson, Missouri. Pacific Islanders may not come to mind when thinking about the plight the people of Ferguson have faced since the murder of 18-year-old Michael Brown, but the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance […]

Nation, Police Brutality

  Two NYPD officers, Tyrane Isaac and David Afanador, are under investigation for beating and pistol-whipping an unarmed teenager in Brooklyn. Kahreem Tribble, 16, had his hands up at the time of the attack. Gawker reports: The two officers were pursuing Tribble after he allegedly dropped a bag of weed and began running at 1311 […]