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Feeling a bit down?

While we no doubt encounter news that’s not so happy, this season has brought forth some of the most heartwarming stories we’ve seen in a while.

We here at NewsOne have gathered some of the best stories in recent months that proves the good in humanity does actually exist.

5-Year-Old Cancer Patient Lives Out His Dreams:

One pint-sized Massachusetts resident got to live out his dream of becoming a police officer with the help of a local department. Shavez Forte, who is battling stage four cancer, was sworn in as an honorary member of the Pittsfield Police Department on this week. The five-year-old was given a badge, uniform, handcuffs, and even helped catch an assault suspect on his first day. During the swearing-in ceremony, Officer Forte promised to do good in school, listen to his parents, and remain brave. Read his inspiring story here.

Homeless Father Receives Thousands From Strangers:

James Moss of Colorado was reminded how strong the power of kindness can be after thousands of strangers raised over $30,000 for him and his son. Moss was featured on #GoBeKind, a YouTube series by philanthropist and motivational speaker Leon Logothetiswho performs random acts of kindness for people on the street. While being interviewed by Logothetis, the single father revealed he moved from New York to Denver for a job but became homeless when the offer fell through.

Moss expressed his desire to make a better life for his son and explained how his faith has inspired him to never give up. Well, Logothetis paid it forward by giving him $1,000 and a seven-day stay in a hotel – but Moss’ luck didn’t end there. Kayla Heskett of Kansas was so touched by his story, she created a GoFundMe page to help Moss get back on his feet. In just five days, strangers raised $34,380. Read the rest of Ross’ story here.

NBA Player Surprised Mother With New Home:

Brooklyn Nets rookie Rondae Hollis-Jefferson is sharing his newfound wealth with one of his biggest supporters — his mother. In a special feature with the New York Post, Hollis-Jefferson discusses why he decided to buy his mother a house in New Jersey just months after signing his contract with the team. Along with his brother, NBA D-Leaguer Rahlir Hollis-Jefferson, the baller executed the idea just in time for mother Rylanda Hollis’ birthday.

Hollis-Jefferson planned a birthday party in the new home and waited with his family, friends, and a videographer to film the big moment (to the tune of Boyz II Men’s “Mama,” of course). Watch the heartwarming video above.

One Hundred Black Men Band Together To Welcome Children To School:

In a welcome deviation from the degrading and false portrayals of Black men in the media, a group of 100 men in Hartford, Connecticut gathered outside of an elementary school to encourage returning students on their first day of school.

Standing in a line outside of Martin Luther King Elementary School on Aug. 25, the men gave children high fives as they stepped out of cars and buses, willing them all to have an amazing school year. The group, organized by Pastor AJ Johnson and Attorney DeVaughn Ward, decided to greet the students in an effort to dismantle the damaging stereotypes of Black men in America, while simultaneously making sure youth in the Hartford community started the school year on the right foot. Read the inspiring story here.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Facebook