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UPDATED: Thursday, June 23, 9:30 AM EST

In a historic clash with House Democrats, Speaker Paul Ryan adjourned the House until July 5th after taking a series of procedural votes.

NBC News reports:

In what was essentially an attempt to cut short the protest, Republicans who control the chamber reconvened at around 2:30 a.m. ET Thursday to fresh chants of “no bill, no break.”

They held a number of procedural votes that allowed the House to wrap up the legislative session until July 5.

The House formally adjourned at 3:13 a.m.

House Democrats kept tweeting and also used Facebook Live throughout the night into the early morning. C-SPAN continued coverage, picking up live Periscope feeds after House cameras were shut off for the third time since the sit-in began.

Democratic lawmakers continue to lash out at House GOP leadership, condemning them for not taking a vote on gun control. A handful remain unmoved on the house floor, 22 hours into their protest.

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Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) called the House into session around 10 p.m. in an effort to interrupt the Democrats’ historic sit-in for gun control reform, reports CNN:

Democrats, led by civil rights icon John Lewis, took control of the chamber Wednesday morning demanding a vote on gun control legislation. But Republicans are resisting, saying they don’t want to give in to such protests tactics.

The tension exploded onto the floor just after 10 p.m. ET when Republican Speaker Paul Ryan gaveled the chamber into order to hold a procedural vote on an unrelated matter. An extraordinary scene unfolded as throngs of Democrats — some holding signs with the names of victims of gun violence — remained in the House well chanting “no bill, no break” and “shame shame shame.” They also sang the protest anthem “We Shall Overcome.”

Such displays would normally be prohibited but Ryan, sensitive to the attention being paid to the sit-in, declined to enforce the traditional order in the House.

This afternoon, Ryan tweeted a response to the sit-in, calling it a “publicity stunt.”

Republicans called an unrelated vote to override President Obama’s veto of a measure disapproving of the Labor Department’s fiduciary rule, according to The Hill.

The measure to veto Obama’s ruling failed to pass and the House was called back into recess. 

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House Democrats Stage Sit-In For Vote On Gun Control