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Donald Trump‘s supporters are one scary group of people.

One of the presidential candidate’s White supporters became extremely aggressive toward a Black driver during a fit of road rage in Memphis, Tennessee – and luckily it was all caught on camera. Not only does the unnamed Trump supporter call the driver the N-word and a “transgender fag,” he tells his own wife to shut up and “be a woman,” WREG reports.

Skye Lev, the man who was verbally assaulted, had this to say about the incident on Facebook:

“This is a prime example of why you should get out and vote! Guy got heated and decided to share w/ me what him and his family thinks about me and my people because I didn’t allow him to speed up and stop me from changing lanes in traffic. I could’ve ended up doing 20 to life over this but instead I decided to show him respect, that he clearly didn’t deserve, because I have children to be here for. Lord thank you for this patience and self control that you blessed me with! GET OUT AND VOTE PEOPLE!!!!”

Watch the graphic video above.



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