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From The Atlantic:

Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman has seen his chances slip away of overtaking Democrat Bill Owens in the vote tallies in New York’s 23rd congressional district, but he’s now circulating an email to supporters announcing he’s revoked his concession and that “ACORN and the unions” tampered with election results to prevent him from winning.

The email, which is pretty long for a campaign fundraising note, lists all the regularities Hoffman has counted, and it reads sort of like a manifesto of all that’s fishy about the election results, according to him.

The Washington Independent’s David Weigel thinks this isn’t the type of behavior that will help Hoffman in a potential 2010 rematch against Owens, who will have only served one year in Congress by then. (Weigel also reports that ACORN has said it had no volunteers in the district.) Nonetheless, Hoffman is blasting ACORN and trying to raise money for a re-canvass of the district.

At the end of the email, Hoffman alleges: “P.S. I ran a different kind of campaign, one where Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, Tea Party and 9/12 activists rallied around. ACORN, the unions and Democratic Party were scared, and that’s why they tampered with the ballots of voters in NY-23…”

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