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Oprah‘s OWN network has been hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit after a woman claims she was humiliated by her female supervisor.

According to TMZRebecca Taylor started working at OWN in 2010 and became pregnant in early 2013 – that’s when the harassment allegedly started. After her baby was born, she began pumping breast milk at work and claims her supervisor Nakisha Gowen did various things to embarrass her, including approaching her during a company meeting and pretending to squeeze her breasts and lay her head on them.

Taylor, who was “mortified and humiliated,” insisted in the lawsuit that Gowan would talk to her about “tent pole events,” and was referring to a man who got an erection “pressing against his clothes and thus making his clothes, such as his pants, look like a tent pole placed against a tent.” 

The lawsuit claims that, because of the ordeal, Taylor “suffered panic attacks, she could not sleep and she began crying at work.” She is asking for unspecified damages from the company.


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